2017 Digital Marketing Review

2017 was a year of continuous change and new developments in the world of digital marketing. We’ve seen steady contenders continue to grow, as well as shifting focuses bringing different applications to the forefront of the industry. Whether 2017 was a year of implementing a new marketing mix or holding the course for your business, there are a few trends (many of which we explored earlier in the year as they were emerging) worth noting as we move into the new year. See how your business stacks up against these industry leading methods!

Benefits of Real Time Customer Service

It’s no secret that today’s consumers have high expectations of businesses, especially when it comes to online interaction. Rapid advancements in the digital marketing realm mean customers have become accustomed to 24/7 service from their favourite brands. In response, live chats and other forms of real-time online communication have become the new staple for communication. Learn why this new trend is worth a look, and how it can help you boost your customer cred without breaking the bank!


Content Management Systems (CMS) have revolutionized content creation and website maintenance for every business that has chosen them. They allow businesses to update content in house, responding to immediate communication needs in a way not possible with a site managed solely by your agency. And with this increased level of hands-on commitment, businesses become more engaged in site design and structure discussions. Expect this partnership between businesses and agencies to only strengthen as technologies and skill sets evolve, to the benefit of overall communication goals.


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