Personalized Marketing: Making Your Content Stand Out

May 17, 2017 |

Personas, Content Writing

Personalized content marketing is fast becoming the most popular way to drive customer engagement and conversion. As one of the newer approaches to marketing, there’s no doubt that it’s a hot topic for discussion, but many businesses still struggle with the process of updating their marketing approach from traditional to modern. At Primal Tribe, we take pride in creating custom content that helps our clients reach the customers they love. To learn more about how you can boost your brand above the rest with rock solid content, read on!

How Personas Can Help Businesses Relate to their Customers

Mar 31, 2016 |


Creating a persona, or psychographic profile, can be an effective way for businesses to get to know their customers. In order to develop a persona, your company has to shift into a different mindset. You have to dig deeper, and consider your customer as more than a source of income. Personas allow you to access an alternative perspective, one where your company can find common ground with customers, tune into their fears and vulnerabilities, and help you critically analyze your website and its content through customer's eyes. Some well-known companies have used personas with great success to connect with their customers.

Can Human Behavior Affect SEO?

When developing a website it is important to take into consideration of how your users are going to interact and navigate around the site, and what possible effects can be had on the websites search engine results. This has a growing importance for Search Engine Optimization. 

Writing Stellar Online Content by Focusing on Humans

Mar 29, 2016 |

SEO, Personas, Content Writing

Creating engaging online content that is relevant for readers and encourages them to learn more about a company’s products and services is no easy task. Businesses have to know their customer well, and be tuned into what they want. This used to mean an obsession with targeting a certain demographic with advertising and websites with a focused message. This approach has become stale and almost obsolete. To stay competitive in online marketing you need to focus on the humans that are reading your website and buying your products, not just on statistics.


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