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Mar 29, 2016 |

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Creating engaging online content that is relevant for readers and encourages them to learn more about a company’s products and services is no easy task. Businesses have to know their customer well, and be tuned into what they want. This used to mean an obsession with targeting a certain demographic with advertising and websites with a focused message. This approach has become stale and almost obsolete. To stay competitive in online marketing you need to focus on the humans that are reading your website and buying your products, not just on statistics.

What is a Persona?

A persona, or psychographic profile, goes beyond the limits of demographic statistics in targeting age, gender, race, or ­where the customer lives-which can be very limiting and in some cases lead to a lot of stereotyping. A persona is similar to a psychological profile of your ideal customer. It lays out the personal characteristics of this person in detail: their personality, values, interests, and lifestyle. Personas transcend gender, class, and race because the customer is targeted on the basis of their own lived reality and not trite assumptions about who they are based on demographic sales data.


What Does This Mean for Your Content Writing?

So what does this have to do with the writing on your website? If your company has a clear, fleshed out persona, it can make the written content extremely effective, relevant, and persuasive to readers.

Your Content Needs to Appeal to Your Persona

Remember that your persona is your ideal customer. Everything that you write; from your website, blogs, informational articles, and advertisements needs to suit their personality, interests, and lifestyle. If you don’t provide content for your readers on topics that they enjoy and find important, they will quickly become indifferent and stop visiting your site, and they may possibly refrain from purchasing from your business again.


Your Writing Needs the Appropriate Focus:

Your persona is the anchor for your content. It will guide and focus your writing. Here are some examples of what you would emphasize in your content, depending on the traits of your persona:

  • Your persona is a competitive, results oriented business professional: Your writing will give all the benefits of your products, how this product will improve business and make them more money, and give them the edge.
  • Your persona is a detail oriented, orderly Math teacher: Your content should aim to give lots of detail and specifications about your products and services and should leave the reader feeling educated and informed.
  • Your persona is a spontaneous, active athlete: Here the writing should be focused on the experience of using the product. You should also talk about quick delivery timelines, and if you have an online checkout system it should be easy to use.
  • Your persona is a talkative, personable receptionist: You are looking to build a rapport and start a relationship with this person through the written content. There should be plenty of information on the history of the company and the people that work there, along with testimonials.

Your Content Should Have the Right Tone:

When your business has a clear persona, these personality traits can be let loose in the writing to give it the perfect tone. Your tone is created by the voice you use and your vocabulary.

  • Voice: Your writing has the right “attitude” and sounds like you are speaking to the customer as the persona and as an equal. You should avoid jargon and industry lingo unless the persona profile calls for it.
  • Vocabulary and word choice: Each person responds to language in a different way. You should be selective in your vocabulary and word choice to make sure that it is appropriate to your persona.

Overall, effective content writing will always keep in mind the people that buy the products and services that you sell. Your persona can help you to focus your content, find the right topics to delight your readers, and the right tone to engage them. This will keep your customers coming back!

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